Our services

Inland Transportation

We can transport the goods of our clients to any part of Hungary; we also have distribution activities..

Our vehicles working in Hungary:

  • up to 3.5 tons: vans, curtain-sider and box trucks
  • from 7.5 tons to 18 tons
  • heavy trucks with containers: removable and shipping containers ,

some of which are capable of carrying hazardous materials (ADR).

International Transportation

Our other main profile is international transportation, especially within the European Union.

Our vehicles working internationally:

  • up to 3.5 tons: box trucks
  • a variety of road tractors with semi trailers,

some of which are capable of carrying hazardous materials (ADR).

Transportation of packaged hazardous goods (ADR):

Hazardous goods are materials which harm the environment, therefore both the vehicle and the driver are required to obtain a special permit. Performing such a task requires special equipment and knowledge.

Our company has the necessary permits, and our drivers have passed the examinations and have proper experience.

Useful information:

European traffic limitations

Traffic information from the surrounding countries

Limited entry and no-entry zones in Budapest